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“Technology does not run an enterprise, relationships do.”

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The beauty of what we do, is our adaptability. Over the years we have worked in, Beauty and Cosmetic, Hygiene, Food and Beverage, Telecoms, Energy, Financial Services, Non-Profit and Charity Groups, Office Suppliers, to name a few.

3 reason clients love us are;

Measurable Results
Guaranteed Customer Acquisition
Fast Growth

Our systems and processes are replicable to all of these industries, which means two things; we’ll never have NO work, and there’ll always be a bigger goal to hit.
As an outsource company, we get hired as a third party by large organisations to do what we do. Experiential marketing is based around results, and we have that, and then some…

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For this cosmetics brand, we managed to perform £900,000 in sales within our first year of working with them. We did this by using retail events, along with shopping malls, and even London Fashion Week. This led to our growth from London to Manchester.

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We raised close to £2.4M in Charitable donations by utilizing charity events, and smaller retail events that we had relationships with.

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We had our first year in just the Bay Area hitting $1. 3M, year two was close to $2M after opening new territories of business, and this year we are on track to double that, after our recent expansion in to the Philadelphia market.

We have years of experience in the setup and forecast for different events, along with the analytical reports after. Our market research is pretty simple; where there are people, there is opportunity. And with the right team and in-depth training, we know we can keep exceeding the targets set by our clients.